The journey begins!

Two weeks ago I was sat on my sofa on a Sunday morning scrolling through Facebook when the offer of free nail wrap samples appeared on my timeline. A company called Jamberry is about to launch in the UK and so they are giving away free samples. Being a lover of a freebie I put in my request for a sample and was messaged with a link, along with some more information about the company from the lady who had posted the ad.

Jamberry is a multi-level marketing company, selling nail wraps, that started in America in 2012 and expanded to Australia in October 2015. They are launching here in the beginning of April and have plans to expand across Europe.

I don’t know why but something piqued my interest. Maybe it was my inner 15 year old yearning to have those multi-coloured nails again, but I started looking into the brand. Initially I was skeptical. A random post on a Faceboook group had to be a fake, right? These companies always seem to offer great payouts on little work, this had to be another one of those, didn’t it?

As I researched I realised that this was in fact a real company with a big presence overseas. I watched videos about the three sisters who started the company and asked Vanessa, my potential sponsor, as many questions as I could. I found an American version of the catalogue and lots of openly available information about the compensation plan. Vanessa is part of one of the leading teams over in Australia and massively supportive and enthusiastic about the UK launch.

The product looks great. High quality vinyl stickers in over 300 designs that can be applied by me at home. Each sheet comes with enough wraps to do 2 manicures and 2 pedicures plus some left over for accent nails. The sheets cost £15 and if you buy 3 you get a 4th free. Knowing how popular gel nails are here I was convinced that this product is going to sell. I felt drawn to capitalised on the opportunity to be part of the launch.

I looked further into becoming a consultant. For £99 plus postage a consultant is signed up and given a website free for the first 3 months and a kit with all the bits I would need to get started. Consultants earn a minimum of 30% on product sales and unlike many companies there is no minimum sales to keep the kit.  It is a bit more complicated as the company works on a system which applies to all currencies but essentially you get around £3.70 for every sheet of wrap sold. So I worked out that I only need to sell 30 sheets of wraps to make my money back. After the first 3 months you have to pay a £10 monthly hosting fee for your website. That is 3 wraps a month. This seemed affordable and acheivable. A low risk opportunity to start a business with low start up costs, marketing and product support which could be either a hobby business bringing in a bit of extra cash, or build to be something a hell of a lot bigger. I was convinced.

The interesting thing about Jamberry is that consultants are not limited regionally. You can recruit consultants from anywhere in the UK and sell via your website anywhere you like. This being a new product to the UK there is so much scope to develop a team is broad and the company is really geared to reward you sponsoring other consultants who sign up under you. With additional commissions of 3-12% of team members sales plus cash bonuses for moving up levels, the compensation plan whilst complicated at first glance offers real potential for a sturdy income.

So, I am going for it. It is worth a try right? I can use my marketing and sales skills along with my management experience (without the stress of actual employees!) I have set myself up a Facebook page and started promoting it, offering free samples to everyone I can in the run up to launch. As soon as Jamberry launches here in the UK on April 5th I will officially be a Jamberry Consultant. I already have hundreds of potential customers itching to try a free sample, a strong Facebook following and a few lovely ladies interested in joining my team and signing up as consultants. My short term goal is to become a Lead Consultant with a small team of consultants under me and then assess whether I can take this all the way and develop a team to become a Senior Team Manager, where the big commissions kick in.

To follow me on my jourmey please do like my Facebook page here.

To find out more about joining me on the journey and what Jamberry could do for you please email me or comment below and I will contact you.

Free samples will be available until April 5th so if you want to get yours please comment below and I will email you a link!

Want to blog about Jamberry? I would LOVE you to talk to me about that too 🙂

Let the journey begin…







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